Indiana South District

4th Episcopal District A.M.E. Church


Welcome to the Indiana South District

As Presiding Elder of this district my goal is to uplift, support, mentor and assist the mission and ministry of the A.M.E. churches that make up the South district.

To the A.M.E. members I invite you to use this site to stay informed and abreast of our goals and agendas for the coming months. I look forward to using this site as a new opportunity to reach more members in the South District and continue to keep our members aware of the work that is continuing in God's kingdom.

If you do not have a church home please accept this invitation to attend a local A.M.E. church in your area.

Samuel L. Sumner, Presiding Elder
South District Indiana Conference
African Methodist Episcopal Church


Indiana South District Conference
April 9th,  10th , 11th
Coppin Chapel AME Church
Indianapolis, Indiana

Thursday April 9th, 7:00pm
Friday April 10th, 9am
Saturday April 11th, 9am


Take a few minutes to pray for the
Church each Wednesday at Noon. 


Sunday School Convention TBA


Indiana Annual Conference  TBA



Contact Information

Phone: 317.679.7729

Address: PO Box 68363
Indianapolis, Indiana 46268-0019


Reverend John Richard Bryant, Presiding Prelate and Senior Bishop Reverend Dr. Cecelia Williams Bryant, Senior Episcopal Supervisor